Students at the Presentation follow the curricular programme set down by the Department of Education and Science.


All our students are actively encouraged to achieve their maximum potential; consequently there is a culture of academic excellence with the majority of students achieving honours at higher level Junior and Leaving Cert. A holistic approach is adopted, as a visionary curriculum supports and nurtures the students spiritual,intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social development. In the class-room, a student centered activity based approach is adopted.

There is a firm but positive approach to discipline to create a safe learning environment for all students.

Our after-school study programme provides a structured environment for students to hone their study skills and make constructive use of their time.

Our teaching staff participate in on-going professional development to ensure that they are in touch with new developments in teaching and learning methodologies. Students with learning difficulties are supported with a learning support teacher.


The school in its commitment to standards of excellence acknowledges and rewards students who achieve and perform to the highest level. In recognition of this, various bursaries are awarded annually. These include

Board of Management Bursary: Award for Academic Excellence at Leaving Certificate Examination.

Parent Council Bursary: Awarded to a Leaving Certificate student in pursuit of 3rd level education.

Veronica McCarron Bursary: Awarded to a student pursuing voice studies at 3rd level.